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Your car died? Blame Valerie!
You lost your job? Blame Valerie!
Your relative passed away? Blame Valerie!

Never worry about not knowing where blame should be placed. Here, our answer is simple. Blame Valerie!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Open Mic Thursdays

For all you unfortunate folks out there who have no one to blame for your life's mishaps, now you can!

Tomorrow, July 21, 2010, you can email me ( your stories of how Valerie has affected or ruined your day and/or life!

Comments received in the past include:

"Lack of sleep from night of drinking. That damn Valerie!"

"Valerie decided to jump through my window whilst driving!"

"Why is Valerie urinating on my computer???"

And Pat from Glenwood Springs writes,

"As usual, Valerie is crapping all over me!"

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